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Charitable Trust and Non-Profit Accounting Specialist

Michelle Nunes-Vaz

I have been on a Community Trust Board involved with domestic violence and addiction recovery services and counselling for 10 years.  I have been accountant and treasurer for a school board and other non profits that I have been involved with, I'm currently in my sixth year of service as a board member of Atainz a group representing over 400 accountants nationally.

I have been and am an accountant for churches, community and other non profit organisations including a budget service, non profit land owning trusts that fund charitable giving, Crescendo - a youth mentoring service involved in music and podcasts.

There is much variety in the nonprofit sector and I enjoy working with the different organisations helping them achieve their objectives and maintain their funding transparency using cloud based systems.

Since 2008, I have been working with charitable trusts, including churches helping them to comply with all the different pieces of legislation including tax and Charities register.

In my experience, most charities start with little knowledge of tax and financial experience – though they do have bucket loads of desire to help the people the organization is seeking to help.

All charities, like all businesses want to be great employers, they want to be seen as trustworthy with funds given to them.  I have really enjoyed helping charities achieve these objectives and many more strategic goals while doing things the right way and always staying legally compliant.

My favorite part of this work is coaching CEO’s one-on-one or through governance workshops that I run.  

I also enjoy completing annual accounts and doing some strategic planning with budgets. I like to ask good questions as the discussed plans are implemented and watch the organization grow.  As an organization grows it will enable help to more people, change lives and make a difference.  It is incredibly rewarding and meaningful work and what I want to be doing for the rest of my life.  

David Brophy

I have had a number of years in looking after Non Profits and Charities.  I enjoyed my role when I was involved almost every day as a part-time bookkeeper doing invoicing and assisting with wages.

Most of my experience has involved helping clients become computerised with technology, assisting with regular monthly reporting, budgets, GST, PAYE and Audits.    I  have also helped with giving financial transparency figures with various funders.

It is sometimes a challenge working with volunteers who have limited time, however, I have really enjoyed making a difference in improving their financial reporting and understanding of their reports.

Services we offer

Tax and Trust have been our Church’s Accountants for approximately 13 years. They always do their upmost for our Church and for any help I need or questions answered. As we are a Charity they take care of all our Charity Obligations with filing to the Charities Commission and with our Auditors with their yearly audit of our Accounts. We use the XERO Accounting System and Michelle and her team always help us with any queries. The whole team at Tax & Trust have always been friendly and helpful to myself. I have no hesitation in recommending them for any Clients that are Charities or just need new Accountants that they can trust who are professional & efficient Accountants.

Janette McKay, Massey Community Church Accounts